The Location of Kashima, Japan

Time difference with Tokyo
Argentine -12h
Nigeria -8h
Croatia -8h
Italia -8h
Germany -8h
Ireland -9h

Welcome to Kashima for your Soccer Traning Camp.
Kashima is favorably located In the east part of Japan, on the Pacific Ocean side of
Honsyu Island. It takes about two hours to reach Kashima from Tokyo by train or highways bus.
It can be reachd within only 30minutes from the New Tokyo International Airport by car.

Acces from Kashima to the World Cup venues
Soccer 2002 World Cup Japan--Hosted with the Support of 10Local Governments
The 2002 FIFA World Cup will unfold here in Kashima Soccer Stadium.
Moreover, access from the Camp here to other venues of the 2002 FIFA World Cup
games is convenient.

Time for trip from Airport to Kashima (by car)
Kashima - 30minutes - the New Tokyo International A.P
Kashima - 90minutes - the Haneda A.P

Air Line
From Narita the N.T.Int1. A.P.
To Seoul
To Osaka
To Oita

*Kashima City *Historical and cultural treasure
*Top *The Kashima Costal Industrial Zone
*The location of Kashima *Soccer town Kashima
*Acces from Kashima to the World Cup venues *Ibaraki Prefecture web site
*Information on the Climate and Tenperature
Kashima City World Cup section
1187-1 Hirai,Kashima-shi,Ibaraki,Japan 314-8655Japan
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